Friday, December 4, 2009

say it!

translate this word to English :

Kerusi Merah Beruang Merah

it become,

Chair Red Bear Red

say it many time.

p/s ; anak buah yg ajar mende nih. bijak betul..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MUSE - The Resistance

Dear muse's fans out there, have u listen to the new Album called The Resistance?
U should listen because all muse song are superb.
The songs are :

  1. "Uprising" – 5:02
  2. "Resistance" – 5:46
  3. "Undisclosed Desires" – 3:56
  4. "United States of Eurasia (+Collateral Damage)" – 5:47
  5. "Guiding Light" – 4:13
  6. "Unnatural Selection" – 6:54
  7. "MK Ultra" – 4:06
  8. "I Belong to You (+Mon cœur s'ouvre à ta voix)" – 5:38
  9. "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 (Overture)" – 4:18
  10. "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination)" – 3:56
  11. "Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 (Redemption)" – 4:37

information source : Wikipedia

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to you

today, 29.09.2009, is my mother's birthday.
love u mummy, u are the best.

for my adik, yg skg bru pas operate coz exciden ari ahad lps, get well soon.
pasni, jual la moto tu. beli kete plak.

p/s :
1) Dear God, bless my mother and my family. Jauhkan dari kesusahan dan permudahkan segala urusan.amin.
2) this is a quick post. tomorrow got Highway Engineering test. gud luck!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Its holiday! i like..

as u can see at my post title, today is holiday!

hehe..i'm so happy. i will go back home today.

by the way, selamat hari raya aidilfitri.

pasni xupdate blog dah kot.. busy mengemas umah. haha.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday is 09.09.09.

what so special about it??

i have Hydrology test!! so easy.

easy la sangat. huhu.

thanx to en Norasman coz bg soklan2 yang best itu. =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Salam Ramadhan

Selamat berpuasa kepada semua umat islam di seluruh pelusuk dunia.
Beramal ibadat lah sebanyak mungkin di bulan yang penuh mulia ini.

p/s ; Esok start poce. dah niat poce bl0m?? hehe

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Continuous Extensive Reading I: Workbook Activity 1 (10%)

1. Read the text entitled "Story of Rugby"

2. Post your comment in

3. You comment should include:

a) Summary of the text (not more than 5 sentences)
b) Your personal opinion about rugby
c) For those who do not like rugby, tell us why and what sports do you like.
d) For those who like to play/ watch rugby, share, why do you like the game.

4. Deadline: 16 August 2009 (Sunday)

5. This will be considered as "Posting No. 1"

Note: Don’t forget to identify yourself clearly.


Story of Rugby

Legend has it that the game of rugby was founded when a boy at Rugby school in Warwickshire first defied the rules of football by picking up the ball and running with it towards the opposing goal. This story, for which there is scant evidence, has proved durable enough for the boy concerned to have had rugby union’s World Cup trophy named after him, but it disguises the far more complex origins of the game. The story credits this innovation to William Webb Ellis. Its evidence rests on a letter written by an OR (Old Rugbeian) to the school newsletter, the Meteor, in December 1880. Matthew Bloxam had attended Rugby between 1813 and 1820, so his recollections are being set down some 60 years after he left. He describes the ball game played in the Close, and specifically recalls that, among its few rules, was the stipulation that “no one was allowed to run with the ball in his grasp towards the opposite goal”.

Toward the end of the 19th century many Rugby players were taking pay for their efforts, although the practice was not generally accepted. The Northern Rugby Union, a professional organization, was formed in 1895 by a group of clubs that wanted to recompense their players for time taken from their jobs while fulfilling playing engagements. This organization was renamed the Rugby Football League in 1922. The amateur game, is played with 15 men on each team and is called "Rugby Union." The professional game, the Rugby League, although it resembles the amateur game in many respects, there are differences in the laws, or rules, and only 13 players on a team. Today, the game enjoys its greatest popularity in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and France.

With the formation of Rugby League, the professionals did not just stop at playing for the paycheck. They fought for the game to be part of the world sporting events. The history of the Rugby World Cup dates back to 1950s with the ideas of commencing a tournament popped up in the minds of many. In 1968, the International Rugby Board rejected the idea of a competition that resembled a world cup. Later, the idea was implemented after 1980 and in 1983, Australia put a proposal that mentioned their willingness to host the first rugby world cup. In the meeting held to discuss the issue, majority opposed the idea and only Australia, New Zealand and France supported it. When the vote was held, South Africa, along with England and Wales voted in favor of it. This was a great back up for the the official world cup, which was held in 1987.

The first-ever Rugby World Cup was played in Australia and New Zealand, with the latter (the All-Blacks) emerging as the first world champions. Around 32 matches were played in the 1987 world cup that was held from May 22 to June 20. One African nation, three Americas nations, one Asian nation, seven European nations and four Oceanic nations participated in the Australia World Cup. The tournament became All Blacks rugby with New Zealand winning the final rugby match. The success of the Australian world cup motivated the International Rugby Football Board (IRFB) to conduct it every four years. The 1991 world cup was hosted by Great Britain, Ireland and France and Australian rugby team grabbed the tournament trophy. The tournament then became the fourth largest national sporting teams tournament in the world.

South Africa hosted the 1995 rugby world cup and it was the first time that all rugby matches was played in a single country. This tournament saw the entry of South Africa and their victory in the rugby world cup. Around 65 nations were attempted in the qualifying round of the 1999 rugby world cup. The tournament was hosted by Wales with matches played in England, France, Scotland and Ireland.

England’s own period of European ascendancy eventually culminated in a side, captained by Martin Johnson lifting the Webb Ellis trophy in a pulsating final in Sydney against the host nation, Australia, in 2003. A last-minute drop goal by Johnny Wilkinson was all that separated the teams in a 20-17 final score line. England won the tournament and became the first northern hemisphere nation to win rugby world cup.

The tournament attracted thousands of spectators from far and wide and it has now become a much-awaited game for its fans. What started as a defiance, now turns into a world sporting events that rough the good and bad times. The Rugby World Cup is indeed a game that adds colour and vibrant to the world of sports. The story of this event does not stop in 2007 but will continue to draw its marks every four years for a long time to come.


my comment:
Name:Kamarul Ariffin Bin Mohd Mahpal
No Id:AA07165

a) Summary
Based on legend, rugby was founded by a boy at Rugby School at Warwickshire, which first defied the rules of football by picking up the ball and running with it towards the opposing goal.

In 1895, The Northen Rugby Union, a professional organization was formed by a group of clubs that wanted to recompense their players for time taken from their jobs while fulfilling playing engagements and then in 1922 the organization was renamed as Rugby Football League.

The first Rugby World Club was played in Australia and New Zealand, with the latter (the All-Blacks) become the world champions which was held from May 22 to June 20 in 1987 and participated by one African nation, three Americas nations, one Asian nation, seven European nations and four Oceanic with around 32 matches.

The International Rugby Football Board (IRFB) conduct the cup every four years after was motivated by the success of the Austrlian world cup and in 1991, world cup was hosted by Great Britain, Ireland and France and Australian rugby team win the tournament trophy.

Rugby which a sport started as defiance and now become into a world sporting event and attracted thousands of spectators from far and wide and it has now become a much-awaited game for its fans every four years.

b) Opinion
My opinion is rugby is a rough sport which similar to american football. The players always get injurt when play rugby. This kind of sport needs physically and mentally strong to play this sport. Teamwork also needed to in playing while this game cannot be played alone.

c) I like to watch rugby match and i used to play it in 'Pendidikan Jasmani' class during secondary school. Nowadays, i dont play it anymore because i was 'retired'.=p. the reason i like to watch rugby is because it fun to see the players working as team, playing hard and rough game to beat the others team.

p/s :
1) ayat macam budak2.. xley blah..huhu

2) Lecturer x suh wat kat blog sndri pon. aku saje je gedik nk wat kt sini.huhu

Monday, August 10, 2009

'iLoveMalaysia' Contest By Exabytes

Nak hadiah? Contest ni bersempena dengan Kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke 52 yang dianjurkan oleh Exabytes. Contest ni mudah je..cuma tayang je banner dia dalam blog atau website dah boleh menang hadiah. Mereka akan spot mana-mana blog atau website secara random. Jika korang cukup bertuah pada tahun ni, mana tau tiba-tiba krew exabytes tersesat pula ke site korang, korang akan dipilih sebagai pemenang! Selain dapat mewujudkan semangat patriotisma, sambil-sambil tu dapat pula hadiah. Mesti best kan?

Hadiah-hadiah yang ditawarkan:
Grand Prize: Apple iPhone 3GS (worth RM2500) x 2 winners
Consolation: Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB x 10 winner

Menarik kan? Apa yang lebih menarik lagi..jika referrer korang menang, korang juga turut akan memenangi hadiah yang sama! Untuk register, boleh klik disini. Bila sampai ke kotak Referrer's Email, letakkan saja email sebagai referrer.

1.klau aku menang, korang pun menang gak.hehe.jom2 join.
2.ayat2 atas ni aku copy dr (my referer) ^_^

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Bye..

Salam Takziah diucapkan kepada keluarga Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad,. seorang pengarah yang berbakat tanah air yang pergi menghadap Illahi buat selama-lamanya pada 11.25 malam tadi (25/07/09) . semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Illahi serta ditempatkan dikalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Amin~

p/s: aku suke tgk cite Sepet & Mukhsin

Selangor the Champion League! Yeah!

Selangor is the Champion of TM Super League for this season.
Congratulation! Keep up the good work! =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


yesterday, i just create an oovoo account.

if u have oovoo, add me as your friends ok?

my id : malrockstar



Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Full time, Malaysia 0 - Man United 2.
dah la xde live td. tensen je. tp x de r rase rugi sgt.
coz team harimau kalah. hehe.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Tomorrow, Monday, 20/07/09 rematch between Red Devil vs Tiger aka Harimau
or the official name is Manchester United and Malaysia.
As a Malaysian, of course I support Malaysia.
who will win? wait and see.

Syurga Cinta

aku baru lepas tengok cite syurga cinta. korang dah tengok belum?
bangganye aku. ye la, sebelum ni, aku tgk cite omptih je.
cite transformers sampai 2 kali tgk kt cinema. huhu.
em..aku bukan suka sangat tengok cite melayu nih.
tetiba malam nie rase nak tengok plak. boley tahan cite die.
mempunyai mesej2 yang mendalam. huhu.

p/s; aku suke tgk Syuhada aka Heliza. =p

Man U vs Malaysia

kepada sesiape yg belum taw lg, MU menang, 3-2.
congrats to MU and Malaysia. nice match.
klaw Liverpool vs Malaysia mesti best an? emmm..

Sunday, July 12, 2009


my sun is shine again. ^_^


You're like a rocket in my mind
That's waiting to define everything about me no one knew
And you stick like a poster on my wall
As if you don't wanna move

I got no money in my pocket
Nobody to rock with but you
But you know me I don't seem to roll
Somehow we managed to get through

i steal that from Yuna - Rocket

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Everywhere I'm looking now. I'm surrounded by your embrace. Baby I can see your halo. You know you're my saving grace. You're everything I need and more. It's written all over your face. Baby I can feel your halo. Pray it won't fade away.

Beyonce - Halo

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh yeah.

You spin my head right round, right round
When you go down, when you go down down

Flo Rida : Right Round

aku suka lagu itu.

Friday, May 15, 2009

bosan tahap dewa

hurm. ntah bile la aku bole balik umah agaknye ye.
aku dah bosan tahap dewa dewi dah nie.
masalah2. problem2. sakit ati btol la.
rase mcm nk bunuh org pn ade.
tp bkn org btul la. main game je.
main dota best gak nih.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i'm sick

sore throat..

damn..its hurt..



sot sem cancel.
tp aku still ade kt ump.
nape aku x balik2?
ini sume sebab penghuni umah yang bakal aku duduk x reti2 nak blah.
btw, aku kena pindah umah utk sem depan. umah yg aku duduk skg ni nk bg kt junior.
adeh. bikin gua panas je..masuk ni dah 2 kali kena pindah umah. leceh btul.
terasa nak mencarut sepanjang ari. huh.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Avenged Sevenfold Concert at Long Beach, California

baru2 ni aku tgk video concert Avenged Sevenfold (A7X) live in Long Beach, California.
memang mantap seh. bertenaga. full of energy. full force. pocket full of sunshine. eh, merepek sudah.haha.
concert ni dah lame dah sbnarnye. 10 April 2008. lame btul. dah dekat setahun yg lepas concert ni. huhu. concert tu lebey kurang 1 jam lebih. x bosan tgk. best gile. bagi aku la. x taw la org lain cmne kn..
antara lagu yg diorg main, seize the day, bat country, a little piece of heaven dan byk lagi. aku x ingat. sorry.
kt bwh ni antara gmbr2 kt concert tu.

M. Shadow and Synyster Gates

Zacky and Synsyster


Friday, May 8, 2009

To my mom

at this moment, i would like to wish Happy Mother's Day to my mom.
luv u mummy. ^_^

Short Sem Cancel!!

sot sem cancel?? ape kejadah nye?
ptt nye aku kne amik Computer Programming time Short sem nie.
tp dah cancel la pulek.
aku bkn main semangat ag nak blaja. bole plak die cancel.
sape yg patut dipersalahkan dalam hal ni? aku pn x taw.
geram bt0l r!!
tp yg bestnye, aku bole cuti! hahahaha.seronotnye.
emm..cuti ni aku ingat nk keje r. keje ape ek?
sape bole bg aku keje? keje senang2 dah r.x nak yg berat2.hehe.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Aku telah pulang..

aku dah balik ump..
nape aku balik awal sgt??
org lain bersuka ria kt umah smpai ari ahad, aku plak balik awal.ape kes.
ini sume gara-gara incik yg mengajar aku Bs II.
ade ke patut die anta memo ckp aku x anta esemen die?
padahal aku dah lame anta esemen tu.
pastu die ckp ag, bakal fail klau x submit esemen tu.argh.tensen.
esok aku nk g jmpe die.arap2 la esemen aku ade.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

yeah! abes sudah..

exam da abes.. tp aku ade rase sikit sedey coz x ley jwb exam ngn cemerlang..
neway, kite enjoy dulu!! hahaha...
aku nak balik umah. adios~

Friday, April 24, 2009

penat seyh..

kepenatan melanda..
bru pas men futsal..
main x hebat mane pun, tp penat gak.huhu.
x tau r nk tdo pkul bpe mlm ni..
smalam tdo pkul 5..wat keje rc..tgk bola..pastu smbg wat keje rc lg..bosan2...
nasib baik r dah siap..seb baik ahli grup aku rajin2 belaka..huhu..
k ah.nk mandi..cau~


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At last..

at last..
  • 2 paper dah rase2 cukup2 mkn je utk pass..soklan susah tahap, tggl lg 2 pAper utk dikerjakan..
  • air kt ump dah ade semula..bole la mandi puas2 and membasuh baju yg berlonggok2 itu..
  • bole gak men internet setelah semalaman xleh connect..
last but not least, happy earth day!

( aku x tau pn arini earth day ke ape, tp aku ternmpk pic ni kt google.. :-P )

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Help me..!!

mggu dpn dah stat final exam..

20.4.09 - Traffic Engineering
22.4.09 - Structural Analysis
27.4.09 - Hydraulic
30.4.09 - RC Design

aku bru stdy sikit..
byk blm cover lg nih..
dah la kt sini xde air..
tensen tul la..tiap2 sem mesti time dekat2 final xde air..
tp walaupun xde air, aku tetap mndi taw.
korg jgn ingat aku x mndi plak..
k ar, nk stdy ni..
jgn kacau aku.hehe.

Friday, April 17, 2009

mari berdansa...!

MyEm0.CoM aku ni mmber bilik kama...
saje je nk test..kuang2........

memandangkan semua org PECAH PALE buat RC....ak yg KEBOSANAN ni pon cr la hal nk wat.... lg,kcu blog org la

marilah kita memeningkan diri...

hurm... skg aku nak wat project rc.. aku benci rc..
panas je telinga aku bile dgr org sebut2 rc..
ape itu rc? roy cockroaches? bkn..salah 2.. (roy..jgn marah.. =p)
rc tu short form utk reinforcement conrete..
aku bkn nak wat konkrit taw, aku cume design je...
aku target nk siapkan mlm ni gak..klau aku larat la..huhu..
bkn siapkn sampai abis, siap wat draft calculation je..
dah 2 mlm berturut2 aku tdo pkul 5.. slalu tido pkul 1 or 2 ..
aku bkn study or wat keje, ini sume gara2 tgk bola..
liverpool vs chealsuck, man u vs porto..em.. liverpool kalah.. tensen2..
dah la, aku nk start wat keje ni..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

update fantasy premier league..

total point aku minggu ni..
23 jer!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Pertama kali dlm sejarah hidup aku..
total point fantasy premier league aku dpt 8 je!
what the hell?? nasib baik liverpool mng besar mlm td..
xde la aku kecewa sgt..
em..xpe2...mlm ni ade match lagi..
fulham vs man city.. player aku ade 2 lg..
arap2 la zamora score..
go fulham go! huhu..

Friday, April 10, 2009

Rileks sudeh..

yeah!! sume test dah lepas..
project dah siap..
tggl 1 je projek lg..project RC!! adeh..bosan toll la!!
tp ape pun, rilek2 dlu..
lmbt lg nak anta.. wat last minit bru best.hehehe.
mggu dpn stdy week.. tp aku malas ar nk stdy..
nk lyn movie smpai lebam.huhu.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Aku Tensen

Pagi td Test Rc..
aku rse boleh jwb 20% jer..
mati ar aku..kompom fail test rc td..

Monday, March 30, 2009

To do list

2/4/09 - Quiz Traffic Engineering
3/4/09 - Submit Asgmnt Traffic
4@5/4/09 - Test RC Design
8/4/09 - Test Hydraulic and Submit Report Building Supervision II
9/4/09 - Presentation Building Supervision II

so what the hell are u waiting for? ade mase lg nk memblogging eh.start la wat keje.
bertindak segera!! gambatte kudasai...huuu.. cau~


Monday, March 23, 2009

Lawatan ke Hospital Kuantan

Semalam aku teman edy (housemate) g hospital tengku ampuan afzan kt kuantan..nak g melawat adik angkat adik ke awek? ntah r.aku pn x taw..huu..
em...bosan..xde ape..awek2 pun xde..huhuhu..
pastu bangunan die sepesen je mcm hospital klang..lg la bosan..

ni aku nk cite ni.. smlm aku mengalami satu situasi yg agak mencemaskn! huu..
ktorg nek lif bersame2 2org polis, 1 banduan berbaju merah (spesel utk banduan), tgn bergari n botak, 2 nurse, n lain2..
kitorg nak turun time 2, kt tingkat 7, time kt tingkat 6 ade org masuk lg..
pesakit berkerusi roda bersame teman2 nye..gaya mcm gangster..rambut pjg sampai ke bahu..
masuk2 je, die bg salam,,"Assamualaikum semua.. terima kasih sbb bg masuk.." (Islam rupenye...huu)
pastu die ckp kt mmbr die, "Mat,lepas ni kau belikan aku roti..dengan air.. Aku lapar.." (dengan nada agak garang)
pastu dgn selamba die tnye banduan 2 plak, "Bang, ape kes??" pastu banduan 2 jwb, " x wat papepun..curik telur ayam je..."
pastu pesakit 2 ckp, "takkan curik telur je...x caye ah.." pastu banduan 2 diam je..
pastu pesakit 2 ckp lg, "mintak maap la bang..jgn amik ati ye..mintak maap.." (takut kne pukul ngn banduan la tu..huhu) pastu, eh, bape byk pastu daaa~
then, dah smpai ground floor..cpt2 aku kuar, aku takut banduan 2 mengamuk x tentu pasal je..huhu..edy lain r, die ade silat cekak.haha.pastu kitorg balik ump..

itu je aku nk cite..hehe..cau~MyEm0.Com

View from 7th floor.. ade 1 pic je.. aku segan nak amik byk2.kang org
ingat aku ni pelancong asing plak.huhuhu..

Liverpool menang lagi..

Mlm td liverpool vs aston villa. Menang besar beb.. 5-0. the scorer : Gerrard 3, Dirk kuyt 1, Riera 1. aku x tgk pun match ni.. aku tgk result kt livescore je..byk assignment r. xsmpt nk tgk..huu...
apepun, congrats liverpool.. keep up the good work.

KUYT (kanan) bersaing dengan penyerang Villa, John Carew (tengah) pada aksi Liga Perdana England di Anfield semalam.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kualiti Liverpool lebih baik - Giggs

Keratan akhbar ini ku petik dari akhbar kosmo 19 march 2009..saje je nak bangga ngn club fav aku ni..hehehehe..

LONDON - Bintang veteran Manchester United, Ryan Giggs mengakui Liverpool memiliki kualiti yang jauh lebih baik berbanding sebelum ini.

Jelas Giggs, kehebatan Liverpool sebenarnya dapat dilihat kepada permainan kolektif yang digerakkan oleh kaptennya, Steven Gerrard.

Empat hari sebelum Liverpool berkunjung ke Old Trafford, skuad kendalian Rafael Benitez itu berjaya menumbangkan Real Madrid 4-0 pada aksi kedua, pusingan kalah mati Liga Juara-Juara.

Pada aksi pertama, Liverpool menang 1-0 di Santiago Bernabeu, sekali gus membuktikan kualiti sebenar yang dimiliki barisan Liverpool.

"Liverpool adalah pasukan yang kuat dan pada satu ketika, mereka boleh menewaskan mana-mana pasukan.

TORRES (kanan) dan Gerrard dianggap nadi kekuatan Liverpool sejak musim lalu.

"Tidak banyak pasukan yang boleh mencatat kemenangan di Santiago Bernabeu," jelas Giggs yang turut kecewa dengan kekalahan 1-4 United kepada Liverpool minggu lalu.

Bagi Giggs, gandingan pemain berbakat dalam skuad The Reds itu adalah kunci utama kepada kejayaan mereka menumbangkan Real dan United sebelum ini.

"Liverpool memiliki pemain kelas dunia dan ia dapat dilihat pada diri Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso dan juga Jamie Carragher," tambahnya.

"Pemain-pemain ini memiliki kemahiran di posisi masing-masing dan mereka mampu menjadi pasukan yang kuat walaupun Gerrard dan Torres tidak beraksi."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip to Pulau Perhentian

alkisah nye, last week, aku n kwn2 ku pegi melancong ke Pulau Perhentian..
3 ari 2 malam.. mmg best giler.. x rugi duit aku abis byk kt trip ni..hehe.
kitorg gerak malam, nk diceritakan perjalanan ke sana, pjg sgt, dengan menunggu din si lembap yg x sampai2, dgn afiq a.k.a macha bwk kete sambil tido n hampir langgar babi, ujan lebat spanjang perjalanan, huh, mmg mencabar..ok! lets focus to our topic.

1st day..activity yg kitorg wat..
- naik bot dari jeti kuala besut ke Pulau Perhentian
- check-in kat chalet
- berjalan2 dipesisiran pantai
- mandi manda
- makan & minum
- pegi ke Long Beach
- jln2 kat Long Beach
- balik ke chalet, rest & sleep

bergambar kat jeti kuala Besut
bergambar kat tepi pantai and mandi2..
@ Long beach, jln2, amik gambar, shopping, tgk org, skodeng org..hehehe
Photo of the day.. =p

2nd day..activity yg kitorg wat..
- snorkeling at 5 point, turtle point, shark point, coral point, em..ape tah lagi.
- mandi kat air sejuk.. bapak sejuk air die..
- snorkeling kat dpn chalet.hehe
- jalan2 kat pantai lagi
- jd model skejap utk krew xde, esok2 klau ade aku post)
- mkn BBQ ( best giler! )
- men poker, rest & sleep

mandi air sejuk..mengigil kesejukan siot...huhu

- snorkeling.. men ngn ikan..bagi ikan mkn roti..

BBQ time, xde mase nak pndg camera, mkn jer....haha

men bola sorg2..hehe..posing lebey.

Photo of the day... =)

Last day
- nek bot dari pulau ke jeti kuala besut
- bergerak pulang
- jln2 kt Old trafford
- Jln2 kt airport
- mkn kt cafe mak apiz kt Udm
- Jln2 kt Taman Monumen
- Jln2 kt Masjid Kristal
- Mandi n lepak2 n mkn kat umah din a.k.a Jerung
- Balik ke UMP

@ taman monumen

@ Old Trafford ( old trafford la sgt! huhu )

@ airport

inside taman monumen

@ dlm menara masjid kristal.. illegal nih, mne bole masuk, last2 kne halau ngn pak gad.haha..nasib baik aku lepas.hehe..

photo of the day.. ^_^

As a conlusion, aku mmg puas ati la ngn trip ni..byk kenangan manis yg x leh dilupakn..klau dulu kt skola cikgu tanye ape pengalaman manis kamu? aku jwb, pegi melancong ngn family ke Langkawi, tp skang klau owg tnye, aku jwb, pegi ke pulau perhentian bersama teman2.hehehehe..sekian, adios..