Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MUSE- HAARP, Live Concert at Wembley Stadium

lately, aku bru tgk concert Muse live kt london..
concert ni die wat sempena album baru die,
name album die,High Frequency Active Auroral Research Prgram.(HAARP)
syok giler...x sia2 aku download lame2..huhu.
ni aku post gmbr concert tu

Muse are,
* Matthew Bellamy – vocals, guitar, piano & keyboards, primary lyricist
* Christopher Wolstenholme – bass guitar, vocals, keyboards
* Dominic Howard – drums, percussion

ni lagu2 yg die main kt concert tu...
1. "Intro" ("Dance of the Knights")
2. "Knights of Cydonia"
3. "Hysteria"
4. "Supermassive Black Hole"
5. "Map of the Problematique"
6. "Butterflies and Hurricanes"
7. "Hoodoo"
8. "Apocalypse Please"
9. "Feeling Good"
10. "Invincible"
11. "Starlight"
12. "Improv"
13. "Time Is Running Out"
14. "New Born"
15. "Soldier's Poem"
16. "Unintended"
17. "Blackout"
18. "Plug In Baby"
19. "Stockholm Syndrome"
20. "Take a Bow"

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